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Locking and door hardware have always been at the centre of Universal’s business and Universal were one of the first if not the first, truly national locksmith / door hardware service provider.

Comprehensive product choice from the world’s best manufacturers of locking mechanisems and ironmongery, escape mechanisems and closing units. complete with our exceptional installation and maintenance service have made Universal Group one of the go to national door service providers.

Universal Locks also supply and maintain a wide range of safes from the world’s leading manufacturers. From Euro grade safes to key safes and secure cabinets.

Universal Locks also supply a specialist safe key cutting and safe opening service.

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Reporgrammeable lock

Rielda Reprogrammable Locks (Sustainable Locking)

Universal Locks are the agents for the unique Rielda high security locking product. Rielda cylinders have been tested to European Standards and awarded the highest accreditation EN1303:2005 & EN1670.

Rielda locks are re-keyable. This means they should never need to be replaced. If keys are lost or stolen, or someone moves out all that is required is for a new set of keys programmed in and the old keys simply programmed out and rendered unusable. The time and cost savings are obvious as are the sustainability credentials.

In a world where cutting waste and preserving materials are priorities Rielda stand out as a unique and effective security device with sustainability benefits.

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Stand Alone Access Control

The term access control can conjure images of a large commercial site wth swipe card controlled doors via a centralised software platform.

Of course Universal do these types of systems but access control can also be stand alone mechanical digital locking. Battery powered pin code locking or swipe card.

There are many options also for low voltage single door, pin code, swipe card and Giometric locking system too.

Universal also intall & maintain single door audio & video entry systems.

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Door code access control keypad