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Door Maintenance

So many companies don’t know who to turn to when their doors stop working properly. Hinges break, doors drop & scrape.The classic slamming closer or the door won’t close fully.

Universal door engineers are expert in the alignment and operational features of doors & the architectural hand that makes up the functioning parts of door. From closing to opening to locking, our engineers have the parts and knowledge to keep your doors safe and secure.

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Maintenance of door systems
Emergency exit

Doors and Emergency Exits

The beginning of a properties defence starts with its doors and the end of its safety measures finish with its emergency exits. Universal Doors and Hardware manufacture and supply a broad range of doors and door hardware - escape hardware.

Our expertise in servicing doors covers all types including security doors, APG doors and includes hinge systems and closing systems as well as door furniture. The smooth and reliable operation of the door is vital in customers / personnel accessing properties and in an emergency getting out trouble free.

Universal Doors and Hardware have the experience and expertise to deal with most door problems and requirements.

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Automatic Doors

Universal Doors are a Door Safe (BS/EN 16005) accredited company through the Automatic Door Installation Association. We install and maintain many of the leading automatic door systems especially those with open protocols. Our service covers most powered door types including, sliding, swing, bi-fold and revolving doors.

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Automatic doors installation