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 Do your doors and roller shutters comply? Have they been checked and serviced recently? Are they up to date with current standards?

In the commercial world there are many responsibilities for the up-keep of buildings and the compliance to health & safety directives to protect staff and clients alike. Doors, shutters and goods entrance doors are part of this responsibility too. Formal best practice standards that are applied through health and safety guidelines need to be followed. Functional and safety checks to prove safe operational status of doors, roller shutters, automatic doors and fire / emergency doors should be carried out on a regular basis. Universal Door Tech have been carrying out checks and servicing of doors and roller shutters through managed programs across the country since 1974. Contact us to arrange a quote for a programmed maintenance schedule for your doors and shutters.


When a door breaks down or is damaged, the security and or functionality is paramount. Firstly its vital staff  and  customers can enter and leave with out restriction to keep the business flowing, secondly its essential to be able to secure stock and property from theft. Universal Door Tech have a 24 hour 365 day a year national call out service for the repair and securing of doors including entrance and escape doors, internal doors, roller shutters and automatic doors.

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Maintenance of door systems
Emergency exit

Fire Doors and Emergency Exits

The ability to escape in an emergency is critical to the protection of life and it is an organisations responsibility to make sure Fire / Emergency escape doors are compliant and fully functional to protect and allow the means of escape. Fire doors are part of the separation of building compartments to limit the spread of fire and smoke. In the event of a fire they are part of the protection of exit routes, buying time for the evacuation of the building. Fire doors must be able to fully close and the smoke seals intact and functional. They must be installed correctly with the correct gaps. Emergency escape doors again must be self closing and have the correct emergency escape hardware.

Universal Door Tech install, service and maintain Emergency / Fire Doors and the door hardware, we also offer a service to carry out the mandatory checks of fire doors to confirm their compliance to the current regulations and standards

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High Security Doors

Easy to install, and manufactured from corrosion resistant high-tensile steel, each door-set comes complete with powder coating and an appropriate installation kit.

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Security doors installation